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Simplest way to launch Drupal on AWS


What would be a best way to launch a simple Drupal web site on AWS?
I've just started learning AWS. So far, from what I have learned, I can go either of the following ways.
1. Create an EC2 instance, install xampp and drupal, and keep developing web pages and web apps in EC2.
I've done this, but I have not figured out how to make the web site accessible. (Do I need to setup elastic IP?)

2. Install Drupal on a local machine and develop all web pages and apps locally. And then upload all local files to S3.
Then, is S3 enough to host a web site? EC2 instance is not needed?
Also, who would I manage the upload for constant updates on Drupal modules and Drupal DB?

Well, I need to dig more into EC2 and S3, but your input would be highly appreciated.


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